13 Mar 2017

GIFBOX.TV from dancefloor to #freefolkwindow

GIFBOX.TV from dancefloor to #freefolkwindow

In the spirit of @rogue accounts #disruptivebusiness and trending GIFs, Freefolk present GIFBOX.TV on the #freefolkwindow screening now on Wardour Street. 

The project developed into a player which uses simple keystrokes to view clips which are categorised by theme and organised into a series of folders. At the touch of a key the clips can be switched to a beat or completely randomised from the vast library now at a staggering 7500 to tell a new form of visual story in a multitude of environments.

Created and curated by Daffy who has spent countless hours scouring the internet for unique, eclectic clips and categorising them into a library which is evolving and growing. The categories range from beach, art, travolta to eighties and of course, cats from the internet. The piece was programmed by Rangi Robinson who has 'carved out an artform with his beautiful code' says Daffy.  Freefolk are thrilled to be projecting this unique art piece on the window to Wardour Street. 

'We have been involved in the trialling of GIFBOX.TV for sometime so it’s great to finally be able to properly launch it onto the streets of Soho' says Justine White MD of Freefolk. 'Daffy has customised some elements specifically for us and our receptionist has effectively become a VJ having lots of fun selecting clips often in line with events such as Valentine’s day and London Fashion Week. It lends itself really well to our window projection as the clips are often short and eye catching which really turns heads. The phone remote control is especially cool too.'

Daffy explains, 'It feels a bit like I’m sampling the internet. As a VJ in a club it was frustrating in that any DJ can visit a store and walk out with an entire set in their record bag. There’s no similar store for a VJ. Using GIFs in this way feels like borrowing from this new and beautifully rich source. The dithered GIF look nicely pops on a large TV or projector and I’m working towards giving the artists involved some recognition. People never see GIFs presented this way, so it’s nice to liberate these highly unrated moments from a Facebook wall.'

Created and Directed by Daffy London, Programmed by Rangi Robinson.

Find out more about GIFBOX right here GIFBOX.TV and see it live on our Wardour Street window.