Mafia WomenNBC / Mafia Women 

We worked along side NBC Universal's ECD Kjetil Njoten to create this award winning promo.

Artists Alaric Holberton and Carl Fairweather were tasked with designing and creating shots of the slow motion bullet firing out of a gun along with gunfire effects. Utilising the power of lipstick, as a confident symbol of femininity, it progresses to destroy the bullet head on smashing it to smithereens. The beautiful impact and explosion all in slo motion was created in Houdini.

We are thrilled that the promo won a 2016 Kinsale Shark Gold for Best Use Of Graphics in an International Promo.

Nescafe Aroma PathsNescafe / Aroma Paths

From previs, layout and look development, Creative Director Paul Simpson was heavily involved in this Alex Rutterford directed commercial bringing unleashed coffee aroma to life to form colourful swirls bursting into exotic flowers and birds travelling through a surreal mayan jungle. 

Kingsman StillKingsman: The Secret Service

For Matthew Vaughn's hit film Creative Director Paul Simpson and the team developed looks and concepts for the climactic explosion sequence. They created a vast array of colourful, looks for the literally hundreds of exploding heads in this pivotal moment in the film. We also contributed shots of the explosive devices triggering under the skin of victims Mark Hamill and the soldier, whose death kicks off the whole surreal sequence.

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