Radox / Come To Life

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The Radox effect bursts into life in a blooming metaphor for the freshness of its shower gel in 'Come To Life' by RSA Directors Shynola.

The simplest ideas to describe can be the most complex to pull off. In this spot repositioning Unilever's herbal shower gel brand, it's essential that audiences believe at all times that what they are watching is a continuous narrative where the garden literally grows the story of the product. 

Our involvement was an exercise in discretion, knitting sequences together and helping Shynola make it real. It's always satisfying to work on jobs where the agency and Directors share a singular vision. 

What can we say? 14,000 live flowers were uninjured in the making of this film.

  • Director Shynola
  • Agency/Client WCRS and Co
  • Production Company RSA