Futurefolk is a paid internship in our London studio within our 2D or 3D Departments.

Futurefolk launched in 2018 and was created to help build a workforce that reflects the society we live in. We want to hear from people from all backgrounds, those who have, and just as importantly, those who haven’t taken the university route. We are interested in you, your talent and enthusiasm.

The opportunity is now open to all VFX enthusiasts. So whether you’re interested in becoming a creature artist or a compositor, you need to compile a reel of your best work of up to 2 minute's to be in with a chance of gaining a one-month paid work placement this summer, working with the team on live projects from the next hit Netflix show to one of our award-winning ads.

This placement will be hybrid. So a combination of both remote and minimum 3 days at the studio, with timings to work best for all.

Applications for 2024 are now closed!

Hear more about the placement from our previous interns...

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William Woods - Nuke Compositor

"I had an amazing time at Freefolk, this being my first step in the industry I was a little nervous. But everyone working there was always so friendly and willing to help with any issues I faced, which added to the experience so much more. During this time, I got to work on a large variety of shots on a television show which helped me improve skills such as tracking, clean up, and de-spill. But most importantly I was taught different ways to approach and tackle a complicated shot. Overall, I really enjoyed my time at Freefolk and could not have asked for a better experience!

I got taught a wide range of things from the more technical aspects like the pipelines and render farm at Freefolk. To skills like creating a neat nuke script and comping with a drawing tablet. However, the experience I gained that made me a much better artist was receiving and applying the feedback I would get from dailies and clients, which taught me so much and improved my skills in compositing."

Louis Falisi- Generalist

"I was lucky enough to work as a 3D generalist intern with the rest of the team mostly doing texturing for some set extension work but also some modelling and various other stuff too.

I learned so much about working in a pipeline, doing dailies sessions and how a VFX company works."

Josh Hockey - Nuke Compositor

"The opportunity of getting to work on live industry projects, and the experience it brings in: dailies, internal pipelines and rendering, working as part of a production line, assessing work and applying feedback from supervisors and clients are huge steps into making me a much more comprehensive and industry ready artist!

My colleagues always made me feel very welcome and there was definitely a family feel around the office that was felt both on days inside the office and while working at home with everyone being very accessible and always helpful. I was lucky enough to get to work on a variety of shots for both a television show and an advertisement and got to work alongside people all around the office."

Carina Carlsson - Nuke Compositor

"I've really loved my time at Freefolk. Rob said on one of my first days "we're going to get you production-ready" and it's been so much fun as my first foray into the industry, getting to work on a variety of shots on a television show and advertisements, learning the Freefolk pipeline, experiencing dailies and understanding what supervisors are looking for. I have learnt so much here and appreciate the feedback I've gotten on my shots.

I have really taken on board how to approach different shots, improving my tracking, cleanup, and grading as well as learning about how you rebuild CG in industry. And of course it's been hugely exciting getting to see my work go out to clients and get approved. I've really appreciated the time that Rob, Simon-Pierre, and Steve took to teach me how to improve in compositing. A big thank you to everyone at Freefolk for making me feel so welcome, especially since I was working remotely!"

Daniel Evans - Generalist

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Freefolk. It taught me a lot about how a professional production team work together to achieve the end product and overcome challenges along the way. It was an enlightening experience that I feel very lucky to have had, especially during these extraordinary times. For anyone thinking of entering this year I’d say, focus on your reel and portfolio, doing as much as you can in your own time. Your own projects are what will make you stand out amongst others.”

Amy Wright - Animator

'I am incredibly grateful for having the opportunity to get my foot in the door with the Futurefolk scheme. The work being produced at Freefolk definitely rivals that of the larger VFX houses in London while still having a tight-knit community feel of a smaller studio. I happily returned back to work there as a part-time freelancer after I completed my internship, and everyone was very understanding of my tough schedule alongside my university studies. It would have been significantly more challenging to find a way into the industry without this opportunity, and I would recommend it to anyone who is in a similar position.'

Applications for 2024 are now closed!

"The demands of content creators are really ramping up as we exit the pandemic and so the need to grow the VFX workforce with highly skilled and talented people is ever more important. Freefolk’s paid internship programme is the ideal opportunity for someone to get a foot in the door and gain the experience they need to build a rewarding career in VFX”.

Neil Hatton, CEO UK Screen Alliance