Intu / The Impossible Gift

One little duckling longs to fly like her siblings, so to fulfill her dream for Christmas her mother finds 'The Impossible Gift' through Intu.

Duncan Russell grades the beautiful stop-frame animation directed by Joseph Mann at Blinkink for agency Now, continuing the eye-catching puppetry series for the retail outlet brand.

  • Director Joseph Mann
  • Agency/Client Now
  • Production Company Blinkink
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  • CCO Remco Graham
  • Creatives Clint Harding
    Juliet Kent
  • Head of Film & Content Lucy Jay
  • Executive Producer Bart Yates
  • Producer Alex Halley
  • Puppets Mackinnon & Saunders
  • Stop Frame Animators Andy Biddle
    Dan Gill
    Steve Warne
  • Art Director Gordon Allen
  • DOP Matt Day
  • Colourist Duncan Russell
  • Colour Producer Charles Gillett
  • VFX Blink Studio
  • Editor Simone Ghilardotti