Vaults / One Day I'll Fly Away

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Alexandra Green directs and choreographs this affirmatively delicate film, unravelling an emotional story influenced by Renaissance aesthetics that envelops the modern day setting.  

Duncan Russell had the pleasure of grading the video for British trio Vaults 'One Day I'll Fly Away'. Released following huge acclaim after the track was used (to much hype) for the John Lewis Christmas ad.

Duncan worked with long-time collaborator and Cinematographer Tim Sidell to achieve the look. 'I spent a very satisfying day grading with Tim and Alexandra Green and produced a painterly, classical look that complements the song and the photography perfectly. I was getting spine tingles very time we played it through. I was very happy to be part of this one.'

  • Director / Choreographer Alexandra Green
  • Record Label Virgin EMI
  • Production Company Bullion Productions
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  • Producer Drew O’Neill
  • Post Producer Vittorio Giannini
  • Colourist Duncan Russell
  • DOP Tim Sidell
  • Editor Jo Apps
  • Audio Vaults