O2 / Top Hat

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The internet is a bit like a magician’s hat – a lot of fun but also full of surprises. O2 launch their helpline with the NSPCC in this beautifully crafted TVC 'Top Hat' created by VCCP and directed by Si & Ad through Academy.

The second ad in the More For You campaign sees a child exploring the depths of a top hat- aka the internet- to reveal a succession of potential dangers hidden within.

We had involvement on all the spots in this campaign and especially with the main vfx in this particular one. Previs & R&D started early for CGI self inflating balloons, fireworks and tentacle. The fireworks required extensive R&D to create a system that allowed flexibility for creative directorial changes.

3D Artist Alaric Holberton had a hand in creating some of the magic, starting with transforming a dove into balloons. 

In real life balloons are fun and easy, this isn’t quite the case when recreating them. They have a unique way of behaving and a particular centre of gravity so I had to create a system specific to their dynamics. Lighting is also key to getting the look right to make it realistic in the way the light scatters through the balloons. Ultimately, it all came together well- I’m now the resident expert on balloons!’  

Alaric was also tasked with creating the spectacular miniature fireworks display within the room. ‘There was a fair amount of fine tuning the speed of explosions to make it look believable that the fireworks could actually be there at that scale.’

Additional work included invisible clean up and compositing of the charming stop frame lobster.

  • Director Si & Ad
  • Agency/Client O2
  • Production Company VCCP
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  • Post Producer Fi Kilroe
  • Colourist Paul Harrison
  • VFX Supervisor Jason Watts
  • Lead Flame Jason Watts
  • Flame Andy Copping
    Judy Roberts
    David Clifton
  • CGI Supervisor Harin Hirani
  • 3D Artist Alaric Holberton
  • Lead Nuke Kayley Fernandes
  • Producer Lucy Gossage
  • Agency Producer Larissa Miola
  • Executive Creative Director Darren Balls
  • Agency Creatives Tom Houser
    Christopher Keating
  • DOP Alex Barber
  • Editor Joe Guest @Final Cut
  • Audio Grand Central Recording Studios