13 Jul 2018

VFX Emmy nomination for The Alienist

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The 70th Emmy Awards nominations have been announced, with The Alienist receiving a total of 6 nominations including for Best Limited Series and Outstanding Special Visual Effects in a Supporting Role.

We are beyond proud and extremely honored to be included for the nomination, with our VFX Supervisor Steve Murgatroyd and Lead Lighting TD Harin Hirani named as individual contributors for Freefolk.

Of course there was a team behind them and we thank each and every one of them for their contribution and dedication to this project:

Steve Murgatroyd, Visual Effects Supervisor
Tony Willis, Visual Effects Producer
Richard Thomas, Head of CGI
Harin Harani, Head of CGI
Hazel Wright, Visual Effects Coordinator
Kayley Fernandes, Compositor
Keegan Harris, Compositor
Liam Barlow, Compositor
Claudio Ribeiro, Compositor
Ephraim Mwakandu, Compositor
Baptist Roy, 3D Artist
Artur Drozdowicz, 3D Artist
Chris Wright, 3D Artist
Jack Enever, 3D Artist
Adam Leary, Digital Matte Painter

Here's the Outstanding Special Visual Effects in a Supporting Role nomination details:

The Alienist
"The Boy On The Bridge"

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