15 May 2018

Brandon Danowski joins NYC

Brandon Danowski

Welcoming our newest member of staff to the Freefolk New York roster, Flame Artist Brandon Danowski joins Colorist Paul Harrison and EP Celia Williams.

Brandon stepped foot into the post industry in 2010 as an intern with Beast, Company 3, and Method in Atlanta. Being hired immediately at the conclusion of the internship, he quickly became a decisive part of the team, eventually focusing on finishing and VFX in Flame.

In 2014, Brandon moved to NYC to work with The Mill, becoming known for speed, organization and precision as a Lead Flame Artist. After four years, he craved a more personal atmosphere and joined the roster at Freefolk.

Having Brandon as part of the Freefolk team is not only a commitment of excellence to our clients, but also to nurturing all of his talents. His artistic eye, attention to detail and dedication to his craft are beyond compare.

Celia Williams