Sky / Al Pacino

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An engineer team pull up outside a lavish mansion, complete with a sports car driving stuffed-bear in the driveway. Entering the grand marble hallway they pass an array of eccentricities, including a roaming peacock, an archery target and a screening room occupied by a crash dummy.

As they come across the faulty equipment they are met by customer Al Pacino who is atop a piano playing golf. The problem? His broadband has crashed.

Following on from WCRS’s previous campaign’s featuring Bruce Willis and Jennifer Aniston, the latest spot directed by Peter Lydon reminds us that Sky Broadband is super fast and totally unlimited.

Graded by Paul Harrison with Flame from Jason Watts. We also brought the golf ball to life in CGI as understandably Al was not actually allowed to hit a real golf ball at such force at a priceless Japanese samurai armor suit ricocheting into a laptop screen. Rigs were used to move the objects on set to appear as if being hit by the golf ball and an animtated CGI golf ball composited in Flame.

  • Director Peter Lydon
  • Agency/Client WCRS
  • Production Company 76 Ltd
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  • Agency Producer Eliot Liss
  • Producer Dominic Wilcox
  • Exec Creative Director Leon Jaume
  • Creatives David Dearlove
    Richard Nott
  • Colour Grading Paul Harrison
  • Flame Jason Watts
  • 3D Alaric Holberton
  • Post Producer Justine White
  • Editor Jono Griffith @ Hagon
  • Audio Grand Central