Eastenders / Albert Circle / Behind the Scenes

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To celebrate EastEnders 25th Anniversary year Red Bee creative approached us with the Albert Circle concept. Wilfred took the initial script and with Mikko created a 3D previs of the main fx shots which are the penultimate and end shot.

On the recce Mikko took stills of the real Albert Square and built a 3D model which he texture mapped with the stills. As it was snowing on the recce these stills were used as a guide only and replaced with stills taken on the shoot day. To make the centre of the square look less like winter 3D trees and bushes with green leaves on were created. In Flame, the live action plates of people and cars were composited.

For the end shots a crane on the shoot day allowed stills to be taken of the square as well as footage of the cast from above to make up the end matte painting with live action. Paul took the stills of the square and created a circle to match the penultimate shot. Flame was then used to composite the live action plates of people and cars.

Along with the main fx shots, tweaks were done to several other shots to hint at the new circular environment.

  • Director Wilfred
  • Agency/Client Red Bee Media
  • Production Company Red Bee Media
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  • Producer Deborah Stewart
  • Creative Director James Spence
  • Creative Head Joe Lee
  • Flame Steve Murgatroyd
    Jason Watts
  • 3D Mikko Martikainen
    Harin Hirani
  • Matte Painter Paul Wright
  • Post Producer Fi Kilroe
  • Editor Thomas Ioannou
  • Telecine Aubrey @ The Mill

Eastenders Albert Circle / Full Commercial