British Council, Shakespeare Lives 2016 / Julius Caesar

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Shakespeare’s classic tragedy ‘Julius Caesar’ is realised in a modern twist by Director Pedro Martin Calero, for Colonel Blimp, in celebration of his literary legacy 400 years on.

This short film is set in a dystopian future marked by high-tech digital display and holographic communication, the team created glitch effects and shot transitions with holographic effect. 

  • Director Pedro Martin Calero
  • Agency/Client British Council
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  • Post Producer Cheryl Payne
  • Colour Grading Julien Biard
  • Lead Flame Steve Murgatroyd
  • Flame Andy Copping
  • Producers Corin Taylor
    Rob Jelley
  • DOP Paul Osgur
  • Editor Sacha Szwarc @ Speade
  • Audio Neil Johnson @ Factory