13th Street / Women VS Mafia

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In a powerful portrayal of women breaking through the gender stereotypes of mafia patriarchs, this ident for the 13th Street series on NBC Universal packs a punch.

3D artist Alaric Holberton created the graphics for this short intro to the series featuring women who took great personal risk to expose and confront the mafia. 
Utilising the power of lipstick, as a confident symbol of femininity, it progresses to destroy a bullet head on.

  • Director Jason Watts
  • Agency/Client NBCUniversal
  • Production Company Freefolk
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  • Executive Creative Director Kjetil Njoten
  • Creative Director Nick Gouldie
  • Producer Amanda Robinson
  • Creative Director Paul Simpson
  • VFX Producer Cheryl Payne
  • 3D Alaric Holberton
  • Lead TD / Simulations Carl Fairweather
  • Modelling / Texturing Pauline Costantini
  • Sound Design Adelphoi Music