SYFY / Boy Meets Girl

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Bare Films’ Jim Weedon has directed an epic tale of Boy Meets Girl for SyFy Channel. It’s a post-heavy minute long film that’s packed with alien life-forms and supernatural figures, taking us journey filled with twists and turns.

Flame Artists Judy Roberts and Andy Copping worked on the project alongside Colourist Paul Harrison, Kayley Fernandes (Nuke), Harin Hirani (CG) and Alaric Holberton (CG).

Discussing the project, Judy comments ‘We worked very closely with the Director Jim Weedon at Bare Films and the agency from an early pre-production stage, helping to conceptualise ideas for the ‘light world’ and the ‘dark world’, and working in depth on animation tests for light and transition effects.’

‘During the course of the post, Freefolk collaborated with Jim to design the crystal light effect, which was part CGI and part 2D elements. We also worked carefully on the opening station scene where deconstructed the villain to give him an other-worldly feel. We added butterflies designed by our 3D team, who also designed and built the wings for our hero in the white world scenes.’

Judy adds ‘It was great to be so creatively involved in such an in-depth and original project.’

  • Director Jim Weedon
  • Agency/Client Lowe
  • Production Company Bare Films
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  • Post Producer Louise Unwin
  • Colour Grading Paul Harrison
  • VFX Supervisor Judy Roberts
  • Lead Flame Judy Roberts
  • Flame David Clifton
    Andy Copping
  • 2D Assist Peter Nemec
  • Lead 3D Alaric Holberton
  • 3D Harin Hirani
  • Nuke Kayley Fernandes
    Poul Rosen Steenstrup
  • Producer Kelly Doyle
  • Agency Producer Maggie Campbell
  • Creative Director Eloise Smith
  • DOP Mark Patten

Making of SYFY - Boy Meets Girl