NBCUniversal / Emerald City

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Produced by NBCUniversal Television and Directed by Tarsem Singh Dhandwar the series is a modern-day version of The Wizard of Oz.

Our team were entrusted to deliver over 400 shots including hero components such as the Emerald City itself, the Wizard’s Castle, a gigantic 150m tall stone Giant and the Wizard of Oz’s iconic Tornado and Flying Clockwork Monkeys.

A variety of disciplines were employed, from concept design, pre-viz, sculpting, simulations, character animation to a novel procedural environment technique developed in-house.

The city itself is a complete CG environment, designed and built to replicate an ancient coastal city centred by the iconic Wizard’s castle and guarded by a series of colossal stone giants at the city entrance. The method used in the approach to the build of a full 3D city allowed the production to revisit the city, a character itself, many times throughout the season. A procedural environment built using Freefolk’s in-house tools efficiently setup large areas of detailed cityscape. The traditional approach would be to produce specific matte paintings to order, in building the city asset the landscape was provided before shot production started.

The team utilised proprietary volume tools enabled specific art-direction of the weather system forming the super tornado built using a dynamic rig and simulation system.

  • Director Tarsem Singh Dhandwar
  • Agency/Client NBC Universal Television
  • Production Company NBC Universal Television
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  • Executive Producers David Schulner
    Shaun Cassidy
    Tarsem Singh Dhandwar
    Matthew Arnold
    Josh Friedman
  • Developed By Matthew Arnold
    Josh Friedman
    David Schulner
    Shaun Cassidy
  • NBC VFX Supervisor Tom Horton
  • Supervision Producer Tracy Bellomo
  • Writers Matt Arnold
    Josh Friedman
    David Schulner
    Shaun Cassidy
    Naomi Iizuka
    Kelly Sue DeConnick
    Tracy Bellomo
    Josh Carlback
  • Casting Directors Suzanne Smith
    Zsolt Csutak (Hungary)
  • Production Designer Dave Warren
  • VFX Line Producer Gavin Gregory
  • 3D Lead Sam Swift-Glasman
  • 3D Artists Carl Fairweather
    Alex Twigg
    Michael Parker
    Chris Bore
    Christopher Wright
    Noel Mahoney
    Jayde Ng
    Pauline Costantini
    Charles Varenne
    Giovanni Mascherpa
    Chris Huland
    Ed Sherwood
  • 2D Artists Aled Rhys Jones
    Tamara Toppler
    Rafal Kaniewsk
    Paolo D'Arco
    Julia Cara
    Robert Jackson
    Abigail Scollay
    Kayley Fernandes
    Catarina Ferreira
  • Design / Sculpting Scott Eaton
  • VFX Editors Ashton Hertz
    Ivana Anastasovska
  • Producers Chris Thompson
    Howard Ellis
    Adam Goodman
  • Director of Photography Colin Watkinson
  • Costume Designer Trisha Biggar
  • Hair Designer Jonhenry Gordon
  • Makeup Designer Paul Engelen
  • Editor Chris Willingham
  • Origination Budapest