Shell V-Power Nitro + / Stuntman

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Ivan Bird directs the dynamic Shell V Power Nitro+ ‘Staying Ahead of Gravity: Stuntman’, through Rattling Stick for Iris Worldwide.

The short film promotes the brand’s V-Power Nitro+ petrol. Flame Artist Jason Watts led the VFX on the project carrying out background replacements and enhancements throughout the film.

Colourist Paul Harrison comments on the grade, 'there needed to be a clear distinction between the Movie camera and the Documentary camera. We gave the 'Movie footage' a hard and gritty grade and a more soft voyeuristic look to the rest of the film.'

The documentary style film is an inner monologue supported by stunning visuals. A memory of a head-on car collision explains the origins of our stuntman’s burgeoning interest in thrill-seeking. As the story of his career and preparations unfold he explains why some aspects of his work must maintain stability.

  • Director Ivan Bird
  • Agency/Client Iris Worldwide
  • Production Company Rattling Stick
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  • Agency Producer Jonny Hall
  • Creative Director Simon Mannion
  • Creatives Matt Weston
    Pete Sanna
  • Producer Polly Ruskin
  • Post Producer Louise Unwin
  • Colourist Paul Harrison
  • Lead Watts Jason Watts
  • Flame Steve Murgatroyd
    Andy Copping
  • Editor Bill Smedley / Work
  • Audio Parv Thind / Wave