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In this commercial directed by Smith and Foulkes our hero doesn't act on his instinct to talk to a girl, so his shadow takes control.

The spot was shot in Uruguay with the live action plates being shot first and where possible the shaded plates too. This was done by either flagging off the wall/floor or in where possible returning to the location when the areas were naturally shaded.

Back with us the area that the shadow crossed was then modelled in 3D, some of these were simple flat walls but others more complicated builds for example where the shadow runs across a facade and then onto the roof of the truck.

The modes and cameras were then fed into the flame where the green screen people doing required shadow action were used as cards to cast the shadows into the surfaces. Great job which looks simple once completed but an incredibly complicated flame job expertly supervised and completed by Steve Murgatroyd, flame artist.

  • Director Smith & Foulkes
  • Agency/Client Nexus
  • Production Company Nexus
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  • Producer Anna Smith
    Tracey Cooper
  • Colour Grading Paul Harrison
  • VFX Supervisor Steve Murgatroyd
  • Lead Flame Steve Murgatroyd
  • Flame Judy Roberts
    David Clifton
  • 3D Harin Hirani
    Alaric Holberton
  • Nuke Sarah Iduwe
    Sandra Chocholska
  • Post Producer Fi Kilroe
  • Editor Paul Hardcastle @ Trim