DriveTime / Squid

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Duncan Channon launch 'Almost A Genius' campaign for DriveTime, with a series of comical spots on what could have been. Collaborating with directors The Perlorian Brothers, Freefolk design and build the CG bioluminescent squid and submarine.

Lead CG Harin Hirani gives a breakdown on the build, 'To give the feeling of being immersed underwater the camera drifts around as if it were being pushed by an ocean current. Small particles added into the water give the environment that extra three dimensional depth and hint to a rocky surface below.

Lighting anything that is supposed to look like it is submerged deep under water is a quite a challenge. Realistically, there wouldn't be any light sources that deep down. We took some creative licence to make it feel as it if were being shot by a camera crew with artificial lighting and by attaching some lights to the front of the submarine to help illuminate the body and make it look more theatrical. A little chromatic aberration lens effect was added in compositing to distort the image as it were being shot by a camera in water.

We referenced a lot of underwater luminescent sea creatures for the look and feel of our squid, but ultimately we wanted to create something that felt a little more fantastical and out of this world. We drove some textures through our squid to create a pulsing motion for the bio-luminescence and jittered the colours of the squid to help them look more varied.

  • Director The Perlorian Brothers
  • Agency Duncan Channon
  • Production Company MJZ
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  • Client Drivetime
  • Creative Directors Anne Elisco-Lemme
    Parker Channon
  • Copywriters Marty Bonacorso
    MJ Deery
  • Art Director Melissa Ploysophon
  • Agency Producer Keenan Hemje
  • Executive Producer Eriks Krumins
  • Production Manager Mia Dahlman
  • DOP Manel Ruiz
  • Executive Post Producers Fi Kilroe (UK)
    Celia Williams (US)
  • Post Producers Charles Gillett (UK)
    Charlotte Raffi-Lippai (US)
  • Creative Director Jason Watts
  • Colorist Paul Harrison
  • Flame Artists Paul Wilmot
    Andy Copping
    Suzanne Dyer
  • Nuke Artists Rob Sheridan
    Liam Barlow
    Keagan Harris
  • Lead CG Harin Hirani
  • Animator Ed Sherwood
  • Rigger Jared Embley
  • Look Dev Artur Drozdowicz
    Chris Wright
  • Editor Jim Hutchins / Hutch Co.
  • Motion Graphics Los York
  • Sound One Union Studios
  • Music Songs for Film & T.V.