The Guardian / Hope Is Power

James Marsh directs new film for the Guardians first campaign in seven years, reaffirming what the brand stands for today. With VFX supervision by Jason Watts and Colour by Paul Harrison.

  • Director James Marsh
  • Agency/Client Uncommon Creative Studio
  • Production Company Pulse Films
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  • Managing Director James Sorton
  • Executive Producer Lucy Kelly
  • Producer David French
  • Production Manager Tom Nutting
  • DOP Rob Hardy
  • SFX Machine Shop
  • Editor Jinx Godfrey at MSE.TV
  • Music and Sound Soundtree Music LTD
  • Composer Anais Mitchell
  • Arranger and Producer Luis Almau
  • Sound Design Henning Knoepfel
  • Music Supervisor Jay James
  • VFX Superviser Jason Watts
  • Flame Artist Andy Copping
  • Colourist Paul Harrison
  • Post Producer Vittorio Giannini and Fi Kilroe