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Juan Cabral is directing some of the most emotive and visually stunning commercials on telly today. To realise the brilliant script we knew the effects needed to be perfect and invisible.

The production team shot simply stunning footage on Alexa Raw using a set of unique anamorphic lenses which made it even more beautiful. The lens choice led us to recommend using plates for the crowd rather than CG to keep the distortion constant. We also opted to shoot the elephant for real (not CG) using plates alongside the actor to get a real performance which were then composited into the theatre. 

Beyond that our work was all about enhancing the already brilliant photography. Here is a recap of our work; bespoke Vegas hotel signage design, old TV effects, magic trick enhancement, time-lapse CGI city and billboard, theatre marquee and city extension. Hopefully you didn’t notice it…

  • Director Juan Cabral
  • Agency/Client Santo
  • Production Company MJZ
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  • Executive Creative Directors Maximiliano Anselmo
    Sebastian Wilhelm
  • Agency Producer Leandro Sussman
  • Executive Producer Debbie Turner
  • Producer Stephen Johnson
  • Post Producers Paul Schleicher
    Martina Silharova
  • Colourist Paul Harrison
  • Creative Director Jordi Bares
  • Lead Flame Ally Burnett
  • Flame Artist Ross Macpherson
  • Nuke Artists Alex Snookes
    Matheus Lacava
  • CGI Jordi Bares
    Rafael Zierhofer
  • Matte Painting Henrik Holmberg
  • Graphic Design Fredrik Nordbeck