Fiverr / In Doers We Trust

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Fiverr are firing up entrepreneurs to 'Get Sh*t Done' in their premier campaign with agency DCX, graded by Colorist Paul Harrison.

Encouraging small business entrepeneurs to take charge of their businesses in 'Get Sh*t Done', Fiverr showcase their direct-to-customer platform to pitch your business.

Paul Harrison lends his expert grading know-how to the film, with its fast-paced varied shot styles to flow in one seamless 60 second spot.

  • Director Ryan Hope
  • Agency/Client DCX Growth Accelerator
  • Production Company The Directors Bureau
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  • Executive Creative Director Tommy Noonan
  • Executive Producer Sue Yeon Ahn
  • Producers Matt Bonin
    Peter Ostella
  • Executive Producer Celia Williams
  • Colorist Paul Harrison
  • Director of Photography Ryan Hope
  • VFX Carbon
  • Editor Ryan Boucher / Whitehouse Post
  • Audio Mike Vitacco
    Cory Melious