Churchill / Soft Top Diva / Behind the Scenes

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Churchill's Depend on the Dog campaign by WCRS sees the 'Diva Soft Top' launched on our screens, brought to life by the expert puppeteering team at BlinkInk and Director Joseph Mann.

VFX Supervisor and Flame Artist Andy Copping outlines the vfx in the Making of 'Diva'.

'This was the most challenging ad of the series so far, the puppeteers were filmed in almost every shot with the 'Diva' due to the way the car was rigged up to talk. The majority of the shots were moving camera, so multiple plates were filmed to seamlessly layer up the finished shots in post.'

Work included clean up of the grassy roadside banks, sky replacement for time of day continuity and adding a hint of glamour to the dreamy drive-by sequence.

  • Director Joseph Mann
  • Agency/Client WCRS and Co
  • Production Company BlinkInk
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  • Agency Producer Victoria Dashwood-Quick
  • Producer Joshua Smith
  • Executive Post Producer Vittorio Giannini
  • VFX Supervisor Andy Copping
  • Colourist Duncan Russell

Churchill Soft Top Diva / Full Commercial