Pangolins: Scale of the Trade

The latest documentary by Director/Producer Andrea Walji shines a light on one of the worlds most trafficked animals - Pangolins.

Colourist Holly Greig discusses the grade "It's always a pleasure to work with the Triangle monday team as the documentaries which they are making are always about powerful and often neglected topics, being able to work on a project which has such a significant message is a real honour.

Grading documentaries is a different beast as often the footage is from multiple locations / differing times of day, taken with no lighting and the look required is generally a subtle one, necessary to bring the piece together."

  • Director Andrea Walji
  • Production Company Triangle Monday
  • Colour Grade Holly Greig
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  • Editor Regina LB
  • Original Composition and VFX Mcasso Music
  • NGO's African Pangolin Working Group
    Rest Namibia