BlinkInk & Village Green / Salvation

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Duncan Russell grades short film 'Salvation' for BlinkInk's Noah Harris, in collaboration with Village Green. As seen on Channel 4's Random Acts.

Noah Harris and Andy Biddle take us on a voyage through time, exploring the virtues and vices of mankind in this mesmerising series for record label, Village Green.

This surreal sequence of interconnecting films tells the epic story of evolution playfully through the detritus of mankind. The birth of a planet in ELEMENT, the growth of the human race in SENTIENCE, and its descent towards the inevitable in OBLIVION, are all created from a multitude of found objects salvaged from car-boot sales and flea markets around london. Animated entirely in camera, the films are a showcase of Noah’s unwavering attention to detail and love of physical objects. 

Premiering as part of Channel 4’s Random Acts, the Salvation series is a collaboration between Blinkink & Village Green and showcases highlights from the label’s 2017 catalogue.

  • Director Noah Harris
  • Client Channel 4
  • Production Company BlinkInk
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  • Executive Producer Bart Yates
  • Producer Joshua Smith
  • Post Producer Charles Gillett
  • Colourist Duncan Russell
  • DoP Toby Howell
  • Lead Animator Andy Biddle
  • Additional Animator & Model Maker Luke George
  • Art Directors Noah Harris
    Robin Crowley
  • Edit Max Windows / Stitch
  • Post Production Nineteentwenty
  • Sound Tony Rappaccioli / Wave Studios