Passing Storms / The Survival of St. Thomas pt 2

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Chelsea Slayter makes her directorial debut with this short documentary series. The follows story a group of residents in the wake of two category 5 hurricanes that devastated their island. Part 2 'Refuge' finds people working to help others putting lives back together.

In September 2017, the US Virgin Islands were hit hard by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, which arrived just two weeks apart. Now, those living on the 32-square-mile island of St. Thomas must learn how to rebuild—and thrive—in the face of unbelievable loss.

  • Director Chelsea Slayter
  • Production Company Vague Pictures
  • In association with Topic
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  • Cinematographer Sebastian Slayter
  • Colorist David Franzo
  • Conform & Finish Paul Escamilla
  • Executive Post Producer Celia Williams
  • Editor Roy J. Herbert
  • Score & Sound Design Andre Kelman