E.ON x Gorillaz / We Got the Power

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The result of an epic collaboration between animated band Gorillaz and energy provider E.ON, BlinkInk's Noah Harris directs a fully solar powered video featuring the band amongst a frenzy of toy action. 

Playing to their track 'We Got The Power', the band are surrounded by over a thousand dancing toys, laser lights and a ginormous neon glowing lucky cat fuelled by solar and battery storage technology.

Noah Harris grades his latest work with Duncan Russell, who comments on the relationship with the BlinkInk director. 'Working with Noah is always exciting. It's a minimum that you are going to get a well made, beautifully shot and crafted film. 

'On top of that there is something tangible and textured, an attention to detail that goes above and beyond. For instance, Noah had all of the costumes for the Gorillaz toys custom made. He even had a bullet nick put in Murdoch's hat so that it matched Clint Eastwood's from A Fist Full Of Dollars. It's that obsessive nature that underpins all his work and drives the quality up and makes his work so engaging.'

  • Director Noah Harris
  • Agency/Client Engine (WCRS)
  • Production Company BlinkInk
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  • Executive Creative Director Billy Faithfull
  • Agency Producer Bradley Woodus
  • Art Director Drogo Michie
  • Agency Creatives Aaron McGurk
    Chris Lapham
  • Executive Producer Bart Yates
  • Producer Ewen Brown
  • Post Producer Cheryl Payne
  • Colourist Duncan Russell
  • D.O.P Patrick Mellor
  • VFX nineteentwenty
  • Editor Max Windows / STITCH