Childhood Trust / Just Another Day

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The Metropolitan Police Christmas Tree Project have partnered with The Childhood Trust to help provide christmas presents to at risk young people.

The spot directed by Debbie Ninnis and Hayley Williams with grade by Paul Harrison shows a child living with poverty as he aimlessly wanders by himself on a Thursday - Christmas Day.

Debbie Ninnis had this to say about working with Freefolk, "It was brilliant to have the opportunity as directors to work with DP Robbie Ryan and colourist Paul Harrison both of whom we’ve known and worked with for some years. This, coupled with the fact that Fi is a wonderful woman with a great big heart who insisted on generously giving us what we needed for post-production, made Freefolk the only choice for us."

  • Director Hayley Williams
    Debbie Ninnis
  • Agency/Client Droga5
  • Production Company Somesuch
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  • Executive Producer Sally Campbell
  • Producer Dougal Meese
  • DOP Robbie Ryan
  • Post Producer Fi Kilroe
  • Colourist Paul Harrison
  • Flame Jason Watts