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‘Mist’ is the second part of the two-part brand campaign ‘You are not alone’ for Macmillan

Cancer Support.

We have provided extensive visual effects on this advert supervised by Lead Flame Artist Jason Watts, with Lead 3D by Harin Hirani, Flame by Andy Copping and graded by Colourist Paul Harrison. The spot created by VCCP and Smuggler and directed by Jaron Albertin, builds on the charity’s proposition that no one should face cancer alone.

Claire is stranded and alone on a moor, as mist rolls around her. She is just about to give up, huddled on a rock in the rain, when a friend appears asking, “Are you OK?” Claire finds herself back in a warm bustling café, talking with her friend. The end voiceover asks people to become part of the solution by reaching out and supporting someone they know with cancer.

The Finish team created the surreal mist and fog that plagues Claire in the outset of the film. Harin explains, ‘To create the mist, special attention was needed in replicating the landscape environment. This involved modelling mountains, rocks and uneven grounds. Only then could we really create a sense of depth and space within the mist and integrate it convincingly.’

Jason Watts, Lead Flame Artist, adds, ‘It’s always great being creatively involved on projects. There was collaboration from all parties, from the client, agency, director, editor and post, each happy to adapt their thinking to make the best possible result. I think the result speaks for itself, it was thoroughly enjoyable and I’m proud to have been part of it.’

This second element of the campaign is part of a new strand of work that focuses on Macmillan’s ambition to not only improve the lives of everyone living with cancer, but to inspire millions of others to do the same.

VCCP Art Director Stephen Misir comments, ‘The expertise and eye for detail of the guys at Finish made sure we ended up with stunning looking films. They are extremely knowledgeable and patient, with every suggestion and option thoroughly explored, no matter how many we threw at them.’

Macmillan Cancer Support offers free medical, emotional, financial and practical support to everyone who is affected by cancer in the UK - both people living with a diagnosis and all those who love them.

  • Director Jaron Albertin
  • Agency/Client Macmillan
  • Production Company Smuggler
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  • Post Producer Cheryl Payne
  • Colourist Paul Harrison
  • VFX Supervisor Jason Watts
  • Lead Flame Jason Watts
  • Flame Andy Copping
  • Lead 3D Harin HIrani
  • Agency Producer Becky Grove
  • Agency Creatives Stephen Misir
    Javier Romantinez
  • DOP Karl Oskarsson