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The ducks are back at Freefolk in this trio of new commercials for O2 created by London based agency VCCP. The two spots were shot in South Africa and directed by Filip Engstrom at Smuggler.

The biggest challenge for our team was tracking and compositing the Unlimited ‘Ocean’ spot. The shots were first stabilised in Nuke and then hand tracked in Maya. Particle systems were used for the animation of the ducks in both the icon top shots and for the low-angle wides. Shots where the ducks were shot in camera as plates were also composited in Flame.

For Pool Party invisible fx made up the bulk of the work to enhance the existing logos, sets and ducks.

In James Pond, almost every shot required duck rig removal and water spray enhancement. A 3D pike was modelled and textured using Mudbox and then animated in Maya for the underwater shot. 3D also created bubbles using particles in Maya which were then composited in the Flame.

A 3D duck was modelled to pick up from the live action duck launching off from the jetty and over the trees.

  • Director Filip Engstrom
  • Agency/Client VCCP
  • Production Company Smuggler
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  • Producer Simon Eakhurst
  • Agency Producer Olly Calverley
  • Creative Director Darren Bailes
  • Agency Creatives Nathaniel White
    Ben Daly
  • Flame Jason Watts
    Judy Roberts
    Steve Murgatroyd
  • 3D Harin Hirani
    Mikko Martikainen
  • Post Producer Fi Kilore
    Cheryl Payne
  • Editor Spencer Ferszt @ Marshall Street Editors
  • Telecine Paul Harrison @ MPC