Raleigh Ritchie / Stronger Than Ever

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Rising star Raleigh Ritchie's latest release from his EP Black and Blue is accompanied by this Ninian Doff directed promo, produced by Pulse Films.

The promo sees Ritchie having a nervous breakdown, being blown by an invisible hurricane that only he can see and feel.  The most challenging aspect of the job for Flame Op Andy Copping were the shots in which the two characters touched or interacted as the shoot was layered, using different plates to form the final creative.

‘We used blending and warping techniques to seamlessly merge the plates, for example when he reaches out to push her and is being blown’.  

Copping also comments that ‘Ritchie is an actor as well as an artist, which helped the crew enormously on set.  The promo was shot in an open public park, so there were various unplanned elements involving the general public and wildlife that we had to remove and of course the usual UK weather challenges. There was one cheeky pigeon who survived post as the Director felt it highlighted that the turbulence was only impacting on Ritchie.’

  • Director Ninian Doff
  • Agency/Client Sony Music Entertainment
  • Production Company Pulse Films
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  • Producer Rik Green
  • Colour Grading Paul Harrison
  • Flame Andy Copping
  • Nuke Kayley Fernandes
  • Post Producer Cheryl Payne
  • Editor Stitch