Migos / One Time

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The Freefolk team, with Jason Watts on Lead Flame and Julien Biard grading have created the all-time post-party hallucination for American Hip Hop group Migos. Ninian Doff directs the trippy promo ‘One Time’ for Pulse Films.

The track for the band’s upcoming album ‘YRN Tha Album’ follows the aftermath of a wild all-night party. As members Quavo, Offset and Takeoff wake up in the morning they realise they haven’t shook it all off yet. They retrace their steps in gold adorned freeze frame glory. Each of their remnant pathways timing itself perfectly to the addictive beats.

The brief was to create frozen time tunnels out of the performers without the use of motion control or repeatable heads.

'The pressure was on' comments Jason, 'to deliver this ambitious promo that involved making 1500 mattes in 6 days, but we're really pleased to have faced the challenge and have a fun film as a result!'

  • Director Ninian Doff
  • Agency/Client Atlantic Records
  • Production Company Pulse Films
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  • Post Producer Cheryl Payne
  • Colour Grading Julien Biard
  • Lead Flame Jason Watts
  • Flame Andy Copping
  • Nuke Hayley Fernandes
    Georgi Mitkov
    Neville Johnson
  • Producer Rik Green
  • Editor Leo King @ Stitch