Miike Snow / Genghis Khan

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Ninian Doff directs this music video for Miike Snow ‘Genghis Khan’ through Pulse Films with post by Freefolk.

The archetypal villain is turned on its head with this fun choreographed film for ‘Genghis Khan’ the latest release from Swedish band Miike Snow.

In an homage to the earlier Bond movies, comes a story of confliction on multiple levels for both the victor and the villain – we discover there really is a fine line between love and hate.

VFX artist Jason Watts comments, ‘Working with Ninian is always a pleasure, he brings such energy and enthusiasm to all his work. We spent hours looking through old 80's visuals (always fun!) to recreate the electric laser beam for retro effect. A look we think that was brilliantly achieved with the use of 35mm film and stellar grade by Paul, bringing real authenticity to the pastiche video.’

  • Director Ninian Doff
  • Agency/Client Atlantic Records
  • Production Company Pulse Films
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  • VFX Producer Cheryl Payne
  • Colour Grading Paul Harrison
  • Flame Jason Watts
  • Nuke Kayley Fernandes
  • Producer Rik Green
  • Executive Producer Sarah Boardman
  • Record Label Atlantic Records
  • Commissioner Alex Bittan
  • DOP Patrick Meller
  • Audio Alex Bingham @ STRING & TINS
  • Editors Ross Hallard @ TRIM

Genghis Khan