Run The Jewels / Love Again

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Ninian Doff at Pulse drops his latest directorial masterpiece, in the form of a bunch of rather aroused insects, in the new promo for Run The Jewels feat Gangsta Boo 'Love Again'.

Featuring extreme close up macro shots, the insects provocatively take advantage of exposed stamen in full hip-hop glamour.

'Not many directors would have taken on a video with such explicit lyrics but Ninian's interpretation of them was genius' says Flame artist Andy Copping.

'Due to the nature of shooting with macro lens quite a bit of dust clean up had to be done around the insects,

as well as wire removal to close the Venus flytraps. Lipsyncing the flytraps was pretty difficult, especially for the rap sequence but we managed to make a killer match with a video lipsypc guide as acted by Ninian which was invaluable.'

'Great having Freefolk come on board yet another of my out there projects!' Director Ninian comments, 'Besides building the beautiful title on the butterfly wings, the most intensive and bizarre post element of this job was probably making a real venus fly trap lipsync filthy lyrics and smoke a post coital "cigarette". Julien also did a fantastic grade on this - absolutely nailing the brief of turning beautiful nature footage into sexy and aggresive hip hop footage!'

The promo launched at an exclusive premiere as the backdrop to Run The Jewels' live performance of 'Love Again' at Coachella music festival.

  • Director Ninian Doff
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  • Record Label Mass Appeal
  • Post Producer Cheryl Payne
  • Colour Grading Julien Biard
  • Flame Andy Copping
    Ross Macpherson
  • Nuke Kayley Fernandes
  • Producer Rik Green
  • Executive Producer Sarah Boardman
  • DOP Rod Clarke
  • Bug Wrangler Nick Pitt
  • DIT Matt Pugh
  • Editor Paul O'Reilly @ Homespun
  • Title Graphics Ewen Stenhouse
  • Audio Luis Almau @ Soundtree