Ford Ecosport / First Hug

Ford are making first-ever moments happen in promotion of their Ecosport car, with this touching film following Natsuko's story as she experiences her first-ever hug with her parents. Freefolk New York completed color and finishing for creative agency GTA Detroit and Director Peyton Wilson.

  • Director Peyton Wilson
  • Agency/Client GTB Detroit
  • Production Company Chelsea Pictures
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  • Creatives Martin Insta
    Ezequiel Soules
  • Agency Producer Sumer Freidrich
  • Executive Producer Michael Waxman
  • Producer Maeliosa Tiernan
  • Executive Post Producer Celia Williams
  • Post Producer Charlotte Raffi-Lippai
  • Colorist Paul Harrison
  • Flame Artist Brandon Danowski
  • Editor Trish Fuller / Work Editorial NY